About the project

The current project for the construction of a curling sports complex in Montana is yet another step towards the popularization and establishment of the city as a curling center of Bulgaria. The project is prepared in a completed architectural design and its activities are carried out under the auspices of Montana Sport Invest Ltd. with the assistance of the Municipal Council of Montana.

Currently the project for the construction of Montana curling sport complex is looking for investors in order to move forward to the next phase of execution and construction of the building.

Why is the construction of the sports complex of paramount importance?

The construction of the Curling Sports Complex in Montana will provide facilities for children and adolescents in the area, which will enable them to develop not only as amateurs but also as professionals participating in different curling and bowling tournaments. The complex will also provide the opportunity to swim in a specialized pool, as young people will have access to an aquatic environment and will be trained in swimming and various water sports. Last but not least, the complex will be available for people with disabilities and will provide them with different activities, sports and competitions.

Investment project

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Object: Multifunctional sports complex in regulated land property I: “For sports and entertainment purposes”
Developer: ABG-engineering – architect Krasimir Georgiev
Phase: Conceptual design
Assignor: Montana Sport Invest Ltd.

7.04 million BGN
Project value